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Different Types of Guitars


Acoustic guitars are found all over the World, with many adaptions and variations. Steel-string and classical are two kinds of acoustic guitar. Steel-strings have a defined and sharp sound that is a distinctive of country, folk and rock for example. Classical guitars use nylon strings which allows the guitarist to play complicated arrangements and barres with ease.


Electric guitars are the mainstay of rock music, also used extensively in blues, jazz and pop music. Electric guitars need to be plugged into an amplifier to be heard adequately.


Electro-acoustic guitars are acoustic guitars with pickups which are designed for the subtle nuances of the acoustic guitar. This has to be played throuh a PA, ideal for guitarists who rely on using the house PA when they gig.

Twelve-string Guitars

Are Acoustic guitars with twelve-string, twelve-string guitars are not the same as double-neck guitars. Double-neck guitars are essentially two guitar necks bolted onto one body.


Archtops are a hollow or semi-hollow acoustic or electric guitar which uses steel strings.


Steel guitars are unusual in that they are played horizontally, either across the players knees or on its own stand, using either a metal slide, or 'steel' from which the guitar takes its name


The bass guitar, acoustic or electric, has a longer scale-length and thicker strings than a standard guitar. These factors create a range of notes that are pitched an octave lower than the standard guitar.

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